We This Way - an interactive performance.

Choose your own path through an imagined world... or perhaps your neighbour will choose for you. Without leaving your seat, you - or most of you, anyway - can go wherever you want. If not, don’t worry. Life is full of second chances.


A clever take on both traditional storytelling and contemporary interactive game-playing... a simple but spellbinding piece of theatre.
— Total Theatre

We This Way is gently interactive theatre.  The performer sets the scene and the audience chooses what happens next.  With many different possible paths to explore, each show will be different.  Of course, as in any democracy, some people aren't going to happy with the group's decision...  

With an emphasis on imagination and sprinkled with humour, We This Way looks at who sets out choices and who makes decisions.

Simple but spellbinding – and horribly addictive.
— The List
A marvellous ability to captivate a crowd... Playfulness and play are always at work here, allowing for an escapism that isn’t present in traditional drama… The best fun at the Fringe
— A Younger Theatre

We This Way has been performed at...

We This Way is part of a loose trilogy of interactive performances, including ⋄The Unbuilt Room⋄ and ⋄A House Repeated.

We This Way credits:

Written and performed by ⋄Seth Kriebel

Directed by ⋄Zoe Bouras

Technical Consultants:

Contact: ⋄seth@sethkriebel.com⋄     Twitter: ⋄@sethkriebel⋄   ⋄@wethisway

Running time is approximately 50 minutes (length can vary due to audience interaction).