Here's what's happening in 2018...

Very excited to present a brand-new version of A House Repeated for ⋄Brighton Festival⋄ 2018!  At Brighton Dome 6,7,10 & 11 May...
More info soon ⋄here⋄ 

This story ends with a dragon.
But every story ends with a dragon.
If you make it to 'Happily Ever After' and there isn't a dragon nearby...  the story isn't over yet.

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Now on tour: 

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Developed at ⋄Battersea Arts Centre⋄ with support from ⋄Queen Mary University of London⋄ and ⋄The Marlborough Theatre, Brighton⋄, this adaptation presents the epic Beowulf - one of the oldest surviving poems in English - as a new performance-game.  As in my other shows, the audience is in control, exploring a world of heroes and monsters and looking at the enduring power of stories.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through
Arts Council England.



  • A special preview presentation of Beowulf at ⋄Sutton Hoo⋄, the ⋄National Trust's⋄ Anglo-Saxon royal burial site > Saturday Oct 21.

  • The Unbuilt Room returned in an all-new version made for Oxford Playhouse.  This new, larger-format version of the show was based on the city of Oxford and presented in a vault of Brasenose College as part of the Playhouse Plays Out programme > 20-22 March.

  • I presented the work-in-progress showings in the Story Scratch series at ⋄Battersea Arts Centre⋄ and ⋄Queen Mary University of London⋄ > 8 Feb, 15 Mar, 20 & 24 May

  • A House Repeated's 2016-17 tour continues...



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